I’m a photographer…I’m a creative…I’m an artist. That being said, over time, shooting for the client whilst being creative, for the client, isn’t enough for the creative heart that beats relentlessly inside of me. I have a way around this need, and it’s called “styled shoots.” A styled shoot is a session where I have complete creative freedom, from the models, wardrobe, hair and makeup and then of course, the imagery. The start to a shoot like this begins with inspiration from one or more of those aspects. In this particular shoot, I was inspired by my models, Logan and Katy…the rest came easy. With my girls Hannah from Hen House Salon doing hair and Kirsten on makeup of Kirsten Eleanore Beauty, plus some gorgeous Napa Valley sunset and a sexy ride…it was perfect. This is honestly one of my favorite sessions, to date. That being said, I am reminded that I need to do more styled sessions.