I’m an outgoing, fun-loving mother to three beautiful little girls and a handsome little boy! I live in Napa, CA…WINE COUNTRY, but my favorite wine is tequila LOL! I’m also a rhythm cycle instructor at THE SOCIETY in Napa! I love Jesus, my family, dancing, dinner dates and photographing my incredible clients! Photography has been such a blessing in my life; an outlet to touch other people’s lives with my passion, providing images that are truly worth a thousand words…if not more.  Making my clients feel their importance, beauty and uniqueness is what I strive to bring to them in their sessions and the photos I capture.  It is more rewarding than I ever thought possible and I can’t imagine doing anything else.  I look forward to meeting you and sharing lots of laughs, and telling your story through my lens.

ARE YOU STILL READING? I have just a little more to share…

My true passion lies within photographing people. I have photographed just about everything you can think of since I started my business but I have learned that my images really shine when I’m capturing love, beauty, emotion, passion, and individuality.  My ideal client is fun, passionate, daring and sexy.  Capturing killer style, confidence, sass and sensuality make my heart melt.  Because of this realization, my realm of photographic expertise lies in shooting weddings, intimate portraiture (you can see my boudoir work HERE!) and people portraits.  I take a select number of family sessions per year but they go very fast. Please take a look at my PORTFOLIO to get a feel for the style that defines and sets c.m.elle studios apart from the rest.


Well hello there! My name is Megan and I am so glad you’re here! I’m a wife of almost eleven years and mama to three beautiful, fun-loving kiddos. I have over 20,000 photos and videos of them on my phone because I just can’t seem to stop. I love Jesus and am grateful for all of the joy He gives. I love to laugh, make up little jingles (that will 100% get stuck in your head, if you let it), was a kindergarten/first grade teacher and have seen the show FRIENDS too many times to count. 

I have always loved capturing what life has to offer (ie, the 20,000+ pictures on my phone)! Memories represented in an image are absolutely priceless! Be it a family shoot, birthday, seniors, wedding, or even just a Tuesday, these winks in time are positively magical to me. Photos are meant to remind you of special days, recall things you may have forgotten and freeze the moments otherwise washed away with the passing years. My ultimate desire would be to create a souvenir of photographs that perfectly encapsulate whatever our day together may hold. I want to laugh together, sing if we have to and ultimately help you feel your best on the other side of that camera.

My Minis

Lailah Amber – 12 Years Old
She’s compassionate, hilarious and a talented dancer. She’s smart and has her mother’s personality and loves Jesus with all her heart. She consistently blows my mind with her faith and kindness.

Lynlee Quinn – 10 Years Old
My love bug! She’s strong willed and natural in Jiu Jitsu and her ninja classes. She also is THE BEST cuddler.  Lyn, affectionately known as Winnie, adores her brother so much so that she constantly has a hand on his shoulder or back. He’s not the most fond of it, anymore.


Elysian “Ellie” Shae – 8 Years

This firecracker knows no stranger, loves all people and melts hearts with who sweet and spunky she is. She’s tiny in stature but has a huge personality. She’s smart, witty and her laugh is contagious! 

Lincoln Grayson – 6 Years
This photo is from his 5 year shoot, and no I haven’t shot his 6 year photos! I’m so behind. He loves his Mama but really is a sweet heart to anyone. He’s got quite the personality and will talk your ear off! He, too, loves to dance…maybe it’s because of all that dancing I did with him. Have you seen the viral video?

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